Workplace Safety Tips to Kick Off 2022

As we begin a new year, now is a good time to examine your company’s current policies and practices and look for ways to improve. Workplace safety is particularly important. If employees get injured, that can cost your business in terms of medical bills, lost productivity, and reduced profits. Here are some tips to keep your workers safe.

Assess the Risks That Your Employees Face

Every business is different, so there is no one-size-fits-all plan for workplace safety. Think about the hazards that your workers can encounter on the job and the types of injuries they may suffer.

If you operate a construction site, the risks may be obvious, but they may be less apparent if you run an office. If you take some time to think about it, you may realize that your employees face significant hazards, even in an environment that seems safe. For instance, slip-and-fall accidents can happen anywhere and can result in serious injuries.

Provide Appropriate Training for Your Employees

All workers should receive basic first aid and CPR training, at a minimum. If your employees use tools or equipment to do their jobs or work in potentially hazardous environments, they will need specialized training. If your business is located in an area that is prone to natural disasters, such as tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, and wildfires, you should provide training that specifically focuses on those threats so your workers will know what to do in an emergency.

Give Employees Necessary Protective Equipment

In some types of jobs, knowing how to do things correctly isn’t enough. Personal protective equipment (PPE), such as gloves, goggles, and aprons may be necessary to protect workers from chemicals, burns, flying debris, and other hazards. Your business may be legally required to provide certain forms of PPE.

In some cases, providing protective equipment may be in the best interest of both your employees and your company, even if it isn’t mandated. For example, employees who work at desks can benefit from ergonomic furniture.

Maintain Your Building and Equipment

A significant number of workplace injuries occur because the property, building, or equipment was not adequately maintained. Cracked walkways, damaged steps, extension cords on the floor, and equipment that isn’t inspected, repaired, or replaced as necessary can all contribute to preventable accidents and injuries.

Schedule Workplace Safety Training

The beginning of a new year is an excellent time to schedule safety training for your workers. UniShield provides training on a wide range of topics, including workplace safety, first aid, CPR, and disaster preparedness. Contact us today to schedule a training session at your Southern California business.

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