Wildfire Preparedness for Your Southern California Business

firefighters fighting a fire with a water hose

It’s wildfire season here on the West Coast, and fires are currently blazing across the state. Even at the best of times, Southern California is one of the regions in the country most at-risk for wildfires.

If you’re a business owner in Southern California, it’s essential that you are prepared for wildfires in case they strike during business hours. Failing to do so doesn’t just risk your business, but your employees’ livelihoods and lives.

Here are some essential tips on wildfire preparedness for your Southern California business.

Create a Defensible Space around Your Property

“Defensible space” is a buffer zone between your building and the outside that’s resistant to wildfire. If a fire approaches, a defensible space can slow, or even halt, it before it reaches the building itself. A defensible space should encompass the area at least 30 feet or so surrounding your building.

Here are some tips for creating a defensible zone around your building:

  • Mow tall grass and keep any vegetation well-watered. Dry grass or other plants are highly flammable.
  • Remove dead vegetation and clear any loose debris like old furniture or fallen tree limbs.
  • Keep trees pruned.
  • Use non-flammable landscaping materials like gravel where possible.

Establish and Rehearse Safety and Evacuation Protocols

Each of your employees should know exactly what to do and where to go in the case of an emergency. This will ensure right actions are undertaken and help to avoid panic and confusion.

Wildfire emergency plans should be established before wildfire season—but it’s never too late to establish one.

You can find tips for setting up wildfire emergency protocols from FEMA, Ready.gov, and other government organizations.

You can also consult with a professional disaster preparedness company like SoCal First Aid®. SoCal First Aid® offers professional, on-site disaster preparedness training for business and schools of all sizes across Southern California.

Have a Wildfire Emergency Kit On-Hand

Part of being prepared is having the right tools and supplies on-hand. Your emergency preparedness should include the creation of a comprehensive, easy-to-access wildfire preparedness kit. Contents should include at least the following:

Stay Prepared for Any Emergency with SoCal First Aid®

For more advice and a full selection of first and disaster preparedness supplies, contact SoCal First Aid® today. Specializing in on-site safety training and more, SoCal First Aid® can help your business prepare for and respond to almost any emergency. Fill out the form below to learn more.

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