Why Your Business Needs a Safety Training Company

Your business has a duty to implement and enforce policies to keep employees safe on the job. The company also has a responsibility to provide appropriate training. A safety training company can help you meet your obligations, maintain a healthy and productive workforce, and protect your bottom line.

Safety Training May Be Required by Law

In many industries, safety training is mandatory. Specific requirements depend on the type of work that employees do and the risks that they might face on the job. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) sets guidelines regarding the types of safety training that employees must receive and the criteria that training programs must meet. 

For example, construction workers might have to be trained in first aid and CPR, plus how to operate a forklift and how to use a respirator. Employees who work in the healthcare sector have to learn first aid and CPR, as well as how to prevent the potential spread of bloodborne pathogens.  

Workplace Safety Training Can Keep Your Employees Engaged and Productive

People perform at their best when they feel safe and valued. If your employees know that the company is actively invested in preventing accidents, they will be able to focus on doing their jobs. That can contribute to high levels of engagement, cooperation, and productivity among your team. 

Providing Safety Training Is Good for Your Bottom Line

Business owners sometimes focus on the upfront cost of safety training while overlooking the long-term benefits. Accidents, injuries, illnesses, sick days, and worker’s compensation claims can all have a negative financial impact on a company. 

Providing your employees with safety training can help you avoid those sorts of problems. Showing that the business takes safety seriously can also help you attract and retain skilled employees, which will ultimately benefit your company’s bottom line. 

Hire a Qualified Safety Training Company

You need to be sure that the individuals who provide safety training for your employees are knowledgeable and experienced. New threats and challenges are continuously emerging, and professionals are coming up with new technologies and procedures to deal with them.

At Unishield, we have a team of highly qualified safety instructors who stay up to date on the latest trends. We offer training in first aid, CPR, OSHA compliance, workplace safety, handling of bloodborne pathogens, earthquake preparedness, and other topics. Contact us today to learn more about our classes or to schedule one or more training sessions at your business in Southern California.

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