Why You Should Update Workplace Safety Skills Regularly

The importance of workplace safety and cleanliness has been a major focus amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Even before the entry of the novel virus in the U.S., businesses have been under strict regulations to provide a safe and comfortable workplace for employees to come to each day.

A major part of achieving that is through safety training. In order for the workplace to operate and function with safety in mind, employees need to understand the risks in their environment and what steps and precautions must be taken to avoid injury.

Many of these skills are taught when a new hire is onboarded. Sometimes through training videos or other courses. However consistent training, refreshers, and updates to safety should also be part of the standard process.  Here are a few reasons why.

Increased Job Satisfaction

By providing employees with the important tools, protective equipment (PPE) and training to survive in an emergency, they will feel more confident in their roles and will increase their job satisfaction levels. Overall, employees who are more satisfied with their jobs tend to have higher productivity and offer better customer satisfaction.

Lowered Risk & Insurance Claims

In addition to protecting the lives of workers, when there are fewer accidents and insurance claims for the company you can also improve the company’s bottom line. It is worth the investment in safety training and that is ongoing and takes regular inventory of any new potential hazards so nothing is missed in the training efforts.

Ensure Compliance

One of the biggest reasons to provide ongoing safety training for all of your employees is to ensure that you are always up to code and compliant. With any new updates, services, or equipment you bring in, there could be a new training step needed. Through continually offering training refreshers you can ensure those to get missed.

SoCal First Aid provides on-site safety training for businesses and organizations throughout Southern California. Our experienced trainers provide expert knowledge for continued OSHA compliance as well as Cal/OSHA training, respirator fit testing, CPR, active shooter response, and more!

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