Why You Should Have a Trauma Bag

Paramedics, firefighters, and police officers respond to a wide range of traumatic situations, such as car accidents, on a regular basis. Individuals who are involved in those types of events may have severe injuries, including broken bones, serious lacerations, burns, and head injuries. A trauma bag, or “go” bag, contains supplies that can help first responders quickly provide life-saving care and stabilize patients before they are transported to a hospital.

What Is a Trauma Bag?

A trauma bag is a kit that contains various supplies that first responders might need to treat victims of trauma. Since first responders have no way to know in advance what they will be faced with on any given day, it’s best to be prepared for as many scenarios as possible. 

Trauma bags, therefore, contain supplies that are meant to be used for a wide range of serious injuries. Those supplies include bandages, splints, gloves, fluids, IVs, ventilation equipment, and portable defibrillators. 

Many of the supplies in a trauma bag are versatile enough to be used to treat multiple types of injuries. This keeps the number of supplies and the size of a trauma bag manageable.

Supplies are typically separated into compartments to make them easy to find. First responders may have multiple trauma bags to deal with different types of emergencies, such as biological and chemical events.

Why Should First Responders Have Trauma Bags?

Paramedics and other first responders never know exactly what type of situation they’re walking into. Even if a caller explains what happened and the dispatcher relays that information to first responders, the situation may turn out to be worse than anyone initially realized or imagined. Some injuries may be particularly severe, and individuals who are hurt may have underlying health conditions that can put their lives in even greater danger.

Where Can You Order Trauma Bags?

UniShield offers trauma bags that contain supplies that first responders can use to treat broken bones, sprains, cuts, scrapes, burns, and other injuries. The supplies in our trauma bags are much more varied than those in a typical first aid kit. 

Order trauma bags from UniShield so that your team of first responders will have the life-saving supplies they need when they need them. Be sure to check your trauma bags on a regular basis and replace supplies that have been used or that have expired so that members of your team will always have everything necessary to provide care in an emergency. 


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