Why You Need Basic First Aid and CPR Training at Your Jobsite

Accidents can occur in any environment and may cause serious, even life-threatening, injuries. Slip-and-fall accidents, cuts, burns, and choking are common. In addition, the vast majority of cardiac arrests don’t occur at a hospital. In an emergency situation, it could take several minutes for an ambulance to arrive. Receiving first aid or CPR quickly can dramatically increase a patient’s chance of survival and may prevent permanent disabilities caused by blood loss or lack of oxygen.

Which Employees Should Receive Emergency Training?

Anyone who works with children should receive first aid training. Kids love to explore the world around them and often don’t understand the dangers they could encounter, which makes them susceptible to accidents. Young children go through a phase in which they put all sorts of objects in their mouths, which means choking is a major concern. Teachers, day care workers, coaches, and anyone else who works with children should know what to do in an emergency.

Side effects of medication, arthritis, declining motor skills, and cognitive issues make senior citizens susceptible to accidents. Older adults are also at higher-than-average risk for cardiac arrest and stroke. Nurses, in-home caregivers, nursing home and rehabilitation center staff, and others who care for or interact with elderly people should be trained in first aid and CPR.

Workers in the construction, manufacturing, and mining industries, and anyone else who frequently works with heavy machinery, chemicals, or heat, can become injured on the job. Catastrophic and life-threatening injuries can occur in a fraction of a second. Co-workers who know what to do in the minutes before paramedics arrive can save a colleague’s life.

Employees who work with the general public can also benefit from first aid and CPR training. Lifeguards, flight attendants, and restaurant workers interact with people of all ages who could have a variety of pre-existing medical conditions and who may suffer accidents or injuries. Staff who are prepared to handle those situations can save lives before an ambulance arrives.

Provide Life-Saving Training for Your Employees

Accidents and injuries can occur anywhere at any time. First aid and CPR training can allow employees to save lives in the critical moments before first responders arrive. Regardless of your industry, providing emergency training for your workers should be a priority. Respond Systems offers on-site first aid and CPR training for businesses in Southern California.

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