Why Our Drivers Restocking Your First Aid Cabinets Can Save You Time

No matter what type of business you operate, accidents and injuries can happen. That’s why it’s essential to be prepared with one or more first aid cabinets. Having first aid supplies readily available can allow your employees to respond if someone gets injured. Workers will be able to handle minor problems themselves and quickly return to the job. If there is a more serious issue, rendering first aid right away can keep the patient’s condition from becoming worse before it’s possible to receive professional medical attention.

First Aid Cabinets Must Be Well Stocked at All Times

Employees should have access to a wide range of supplies that they may need to treat common injuries and illnesses, including bandages, gauze, burn cream, hand sanitizer, personal protective equipment, CPR and AED supplies, and over-the-counter medications. They must be confident that those supplies will be there when they’re required.

First aid cabinets should be replenished regularly so employees will have access to whatever supplies they need. That means that someone needs to periodically check all the first aid cabinets and restock them with whatever products are running low or missing.

Restocking First Aid Cabinets Can Be Time Consuming

The process of looking through each first aid cabinet, counting how many of each type of supply is present, figuring out what needs to be replaced, and restocking cabinets accordingly can take a good deal of time. If you operate a large facility and have multiple first aid cabinets spread throughout the building, checking and restocking them all may take hours for one person to do. The task may have to be divided between two or more people to make it more manageable. That can keep employees from devoting time and energy to duties that are central to their jobs.

Having Us Restock Your First Aid Cabinets Can Save You Time

Instead of taking your workers away from vital company functions to handle first aid inventory, UniShield can take care of it for you. One of our drivers can come to your company’s Southern California location periodically to go through each cabinet on the premises, figure out what you need more of, and restock first aid supplies so that your workers will have what they need if an injury or illness occurs. Letting us handle this job can help your staff stay productive.

Contact us today to learn more or to schedule delivery of first aid supplies.

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