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Commercial kitchens can be one of the most dangerous workplaces anyone can work in. High heat, sharp knives, hot oils, and corrosive cleaning chemicals are all a part of the job – as are long hours and a fast pace. That’s why it’s absolutely crucial that your employees have the training and tools they need to stay safe, prevent injuries, and mitigate harm when accidents do happen.

Furthermore, restaurant employers are required by OSHA to, “furnish to each of their employees a place of employment which is free from recognized hazards.”

Take care of common sense precautions and OSHA-mandated safety standards for your Southern California restaurant in one fell swoop by calling UniShield®. We can provide a full, comprehensive first aid kit with easy refill services, as well as safety training and certification for your entire kitchen and front-of-the-house staff. This includes first aid training for cuts, falls, burns, strained muscles, as well as CPR, Heimlich, and AED certification.

To learn more about how UniShield® can help your Southern California restaurant stay at its safest for employees and customers alike, contact us today.

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