Who Should Be CPR Certified?

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is an important and lifesaving technique that is used in many industries for emergencies and life and death situations for situations like heart attacks or near-drownings when a person’s breathing or heartbeat has stopped.

In addition to CPR being a critical skill for anyone to have there are certain industries where it is a must to be certified in order to remain compliant with state and industry regulations. 

Here is a look at some of the most important industries where CPR certification is required. 

Anyone Who Works with Children or the Elderly

For the younger and more vulnerable populations, it is very important to possess this life-saving skill. Anyone who is employed in nursing homes, is a daycare worker, teacher, or is a caretaker should be certified in CPR. These courses provide instruction for how to administer life-saving care for these individuals – from pediatric victims to adults of any age who have breathing or cardiac emergencies occurring. 

Those Who Work in or Around Water

Being able to respond to emergency situations while in the water is another essential skill. Whether your job includes being out on a boat or supervising people swimming in the ocean – or even if you just love to go out on your boat or swim, this skill can literally save a life. 

Anyone That Works with Live Electrical Lines

OSHA also requires electrical power regulations for those who are working around live lines.  Due to the serious and ever-present hazard of electric power transmission and distribution to workers, CPR training should be given anywhere first aid safety training is required. It also states that CPR must be started within 4 minutes on an individual whose heart has gone into fibrillation after an electric shock. 

Dangerous / Extreme Working Conditions

In many other dangerous and extreme work scenarios where emergency care can not easily be accessed, CPR is also a required skill for staff on hand to possess. In industries such as logging, where workers harvest thousands of acres of forests having other workers who can administer care in an emergency is vital. 

Remember, even if you do not have to learn CPR for work or own a business where a requirement is not in place for CPR training, you still might be in a position at some point when having this skill can literally save a life. 

UniShield offers expert CPR training for your workplace. Our classes are half lecture/presentation, half hands-on activity/training – designed to give you the practical skills needed to handle cardiac emergencies like a professional.

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