Training Your Workforce to Use a Fire Extinguisher

Fire extinguishers are an important tool in battling the dangerous and life threatening blazes that can happen at a moment’s notice.  Since no fires are the same, there are also different classes of fire extinguishers that should be used properly to prevent the spreading of fire or larger issues.

The best way to be safe of course is to prevent fires from happening altogether. Along with training on how to use fire extinguishers consider having safety and prevention training done at your workplace to reduce the risk of fires, or worse.

When to Use a Fire Extinguisher

Using a fire extinguisher to put out a fire quickly can lessen the impact it leaves behind and in some cases even stop something more catastrophic from happening. Knowing when and how to use a fire extinguisher is important. Aside from basic operation, you should be aware of where it’s located and what type of fire’s it’s made to put out before you try to use it. In some workplaces a policy known as “total evacuation” means everyone must leave the building immediately and no portable extinguishers are available for use.

Proper Fire Extinguisher Use

Most fire extinguishers come with basic operating instructions printed right on the front label. This include 3 easy steps for getting it off of the wall hanging, operating it and the proper distance to keep when aiming it at a fire to put it out.

In the workplace, there are rules for proper fire extinguisher use depending on the company you work for and the type of risks present in your everyday workplace surroundings. In some places of business it is even required that training on how to properly use a fire extinguisher is given to all employees.  Check with OSHA and local laws to be sure you’re in compliance.

Fire Extinguisher Training & Fire Safety Training Southern California

If you’re a business located in Southern California and require training on safe use of fire extinguishers or general fire safety training, we offer on-site services that comply with OSHA regulations and help keep your workers safe.

Contact SoCal First Aid® today to learn more!

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