Tips for Staying Safe during an Earthquake

An earthquake can strike without warning and can cause people to feel a sense of panic. It’s important to know what to do so you can stay calm if an earthquake occurs. Here are some important do’s and don’ts.

Stay Where You Are and Seek Cover

If you’re in a building when an earthquake strikes, stay inside. If you try to leave the building, you can get injured by falling debris, get stuck in an elevator, or get injured in a stampede if others also rush for the door.

Stay in the room where you are and move away from things that could fall, such as bookcases, cabinets, light fixtures, and artwork hanging on walls. Seek shelter under a table or desk, if possible. Don’t stand in a doorway. That won’t provide you any additional protection, and it can actually put you in more danger since you won’t have shelter from falling objects.

If you are in bed when an earthquake happens, stay in bed and protect yourself with a pillow and blankets. Trying to move to another area or take shelter under furniture can cause you to get injured by falling objects and broken glass.

If you’re outside when an earthquake strikes, stay outside. Move to an open area where you can’t be injured by falling debris. Stay away from power lines, fuel and gas lines, trees, and buildings. Lower yourself to the ground before you get knocked down. Stay down until the shaking stops.

Pullover if You’re in Your Car

If you are driving when an earthquake begins, pull over to a safe area away that isn’t near a building, overpass, bridge, or utility pole. Set the parking brake and stay in the car until the ground stops shaking.

When driving after an earthquake, proceed with caution and watch out for damaged pavement, bridges, and buildings, as well as fallen electrical wires and poles. If a utility wire falls on your car, stay inside the vehicle until a trained person removes the wire and tells you that it’s safe to exit the vehicle or drive away.

Schedule Earthquake Preparedness Training for Your Business or School

In Southern California, earthquakes are a fact of life. Everyone who lives in the area understands that an earthquake can occur at any time. Hands-on training can help people be prepared so they can stay calm and take measures to keep themselves and others safe.

SoCal First Aid offers a variety of training programs for businesses and schools in Southern California. We can train your employees or students so they will know what they should and shouldn’t do during an earthquake. Contact us today to schedule an earthquake preparedness training session.

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