Tips for Maintaining First Aid Kits in Challenging Environments

While most of us keep first aid supplies in the home and the workplace, it’s important to remember that first aid is often required in outdoor settings. For this reason, it’s a good idea to prepare mobile kits that can be transported for use in more challenging environments. 

First Aid Kits for the Car

As the weather gets warmer, Americans often hit the road. For families and individuals, it’s important to keep a first aid kit in the car during trips (regardless of the time of year) so supplies are always at hand. A first aid kit is particularly critical to have in the vehicle in the event of injuries from accidents or illness on long trips. 

Having a car emergency first aid kit in each of your family’s vehicles can make the difference between being prepared and putting your family’s health at risk. Roadside emergency and first aid kits are specially designed to address the most common car-related incidents. In addition to first aid supplies, these kits will contain items such as road flares and other signs to warn other motorists in the event of a breakdown. The supplies can also keep you safe and comfortable while waiting for assistance and should include cold weather blankets and first aid supplies that allow emergency treatment of an injury until help arrives. 

First Aid Kits in Outdoor Settings 

With summer on its way, many families and individuals will head outdoors for camping, hiking, and outdoor sightseeing. The type and size of kit you will need will depend on whether you’re out for a short picnic or heading into the mountains for a long hike. At a minimum, first aid kits for outdoor activity should contain supplies to treat minor injuries including cuts, scrapes, burns, bruises, and sprains. For longer outdoor journeys, kits should ideally be in a backpack format for easier carrying and contain supplies such as triangular cloth for slings, compression bandages, a thermometer, a CPR mask, splints for serious injuries, and emergency water purification tablets. 

First Aid Kits in Extreme Temperatures

Outdoor activity in either heat or cold will dictate that kits be even more comprehensive. For hot weather, outdoor adventurers should carry kits that contain instant ice packs, a blanket for blocking the sun, sunscreen and sunburn treatment, and electrolyte drinks or tablets to add to water for heat exhaustion. 

Cold weather kits should contain mylar blankets, a flashlight, and light sticks, hand and foot warmers, burn cream, and all manner of wound treatment supplies. 

Regardless of what conditions you’re operating in, it’s important to check kits regularly to ensure that they are properly stocked and that supplies haven’t expired or become damaged.

In Southern California, Unishield has been providing individuals and businesses with the highest quality emergency preparedness, safety training and compliance solutions for employers. In addition, Unishield offers first aid kits and medical supplies, first aid restocking services, industrial safety equipment, and portable emergency medical equipment such as the lifesaving AED (automatic external defibrillator).

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