Tips for Handling Workplace Violence

Workplace violence is a very real and scary reality that exists today. While the hope is that we are all safe in our daily routines, the truth is we spend a lot of our time confined in our workplaces and sometimes, individuals with ill intentions and bad motives can cause harm. The best way to protect yourself from harm should these scary situations arise, is to be prepared and know exactly what to do in advance of it ever becoming reality.

According to OSHA, about 2 million people each year report some type of workplace violence. The violence can range from a hostile disgruntled coworker shouting threats to an active shooter armed and firing into the workplace.

Training for all employees should be a top priority. Here are 3 things to do now to get prepared.

Understand the Signs

A better understanding of the warning signs that a problem is developing is key to diffusing the situation before it becomes violent. Pay attention to changes in negative behavior and an increased level of passive-aggressive actions. These acts show something is bothering an individual that they are not able to handle. Other signs could be someone who is extremely sad or expressing defeated and worthless talk. Any of these changes should prompt at least a health and wellbeing check to uncover if something more is brewing.

Learn Skills for Handling the Situation

When employees are empowered with necessary skills for being more compassionate with coworkers and trained with other life-saving skills it can help a possibly violent situation from escalating. Offering training on soft skills as well as first aid care so no one feels helpless when a situation unfolds.

Active Shooter Training

The National Safety Council reported that in 2016, 17 percent of workplace deaths were the result of violence. That number is surely climbing with more news reports indicating workplace violence still has a place in society. Active Shooter training has become necessary today as you prepare your workforce for catastrophes. This training will teach skills for how to react and what to do when a shooter is on-premise.

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