Tips for Conducting a First Aid Assessment at Your Workplace

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires employers to provide appropriate first aid supplies and minimum amounts of first aid training for some or all employees, depending on the circumstances. You should conduct periodic workplace safety assessments to identify your company’s specific needs.

Assess Your Company’s Risk

Start by figuring out the level of risk and the types of problems that are most likely to arise in your workplace. Consider the types of jobs performed and the equipment your employees use. Evaluate reports of past injuries and accidents to figure out what types of supplies you need and what types of training your employees should receive. If your business has more than one worksite, or if your company occupies multiple buildings on a single property, conduct a separate assessment for each location.

Gather Appropriate First Aid Supplies

The distance to the nearest hospital can influence the amounts and types of first aid supplies you should have on hand. If it would take a significant amount of time to transport a patient to a hospital, your workplace should have supplies available to render more extensive first aid than a facility near a hospital might require.

If you have a large workplace, multiple first aid kits or cabinets should be spread out so that one is always easily accessible. All employees should know where first aid kits are located. One or more workers should be in charge of making sure that first aid kits and cabinets are kept stocked and that new supplies are ordered when necessary.

Provide First Aid Training for Workers

At least some of your employees should receive first aid training. If you operate a high-risk workplace, or if your facility is far from a hospital, you may need to have a large number of employees who are trained in first aid, and at least some of them may need advanced training. You should also have a system in place for employees and staff to report on-the-job injuries.

Evaluate Your Employees and Procedures

Conduct mock medical drills on a regular basis to assess employees’ training, response times, and company procedures and to identify problems or areas in need of improvement. If a real emergency occurs, evaluate the response and change policies or provide additional training, if necessary.

Order First Aid Supplies and Schedule Employee Training

Respond Systems offers first aid supplies, including bandages, gauze, eye wash, burn ointment, and pain relievers. We also provide workplace first aid training that can help your staff be prepared to deal with an emergency. Contact us to order supplies or to schedule a class.

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