These Are The Top Safety Precautions for Office Buildings

We talk a lot on the blog here about safety at construction sites and in large buildings where heavy machinery is being used but there is also a need to protect workers who attend office buildings. Even if working on the computer all day from an office chair may not present the same risks, there are still hazards to be aware of and employers and property managers must ensure all safety precautions are taken at their office buildings. 

Here are the top safety precautions to be aware of in office buildings. 

Trip & Fall Hazards

One of the biggest risks of working in an office building are the possibilities to trip and fall. Things like loose cords and wires across the floor can easily be missed and tripped on. Or a spilled coffee or water on the floor unnoticed leads to a slip and fall far too commonly in these workplaces. Other areas like the outside entryway and parking lot can also present this problem during icy and winter weather conditions.  It is important to be extra cautious, change into different shoes or ensure your path is clear before trying to navigate the slippery grounds. 

Bodily Injuries

Repetitive strain injuries are a definite thing that can happen when you’re at an office. Especially if your job entails you to do the same motion (like leaning toward the copier, typing on the keyboard or even wedging the phone between your shoulder and ear all day. Over time these can all lead to severe strain in your body. It’s best to use ergonomic options when possible and train staff to get up regularly to stretch and take brakes. 

First Aid Training  

Perhaps one of the biggest risk for offices is being unprepared for an emergency. Since the assumption is that no danger is present in the immediate space, training for addressing a crisis is not offered but it’s critical to know how to handle an emergency as its unfolding. Things like where to exit in a fire, when to do if there is a violent storm passing through or even how to access the first aid kit or administer CPR in a medical emergency. 

If you’re an office located in Southern California, you can rely on SoCal First Aid to provide you with supplies and training your office needs to keep your workplace safe and ready at all times. 

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