The Long-Term Benefits of Protective Eyewear

Accidents in the workplace can cause significant eye injuries that may leave employees with permanent damage and partial or full vision loss. Protective eyewear can prevent many workplace eye injuries and a host of related problems.

How On-the-Job Eye Injuries Can Occur

Employees may encounter a variety of hazards at work. Flying objects, sparks, and chemicals are some of the most common causes of eye injuries. Irritants in the air can also cause redness, itching, and blurred vision. Some of those injuries cause only temporary discomfort, but others may affect workers for the rest of their lives.

Purchasing Protective Eyewear Can Save Your Company Money in the Long Run

Protective eyewear, such as safety glasses and goggles, can prevent accidents and a series of related issues. If an accident is avoided, that means an employee won’t have to seek medical care, take time off from work, or file a worker’s compensation claim. If an employee doesn’t miss work, your company won’t experience an associated drop in productivity.

An injured employee may file a worker’s compensation claim and possibly even a lawsuit related to unsafe working conditions, which can cost your company money. If your business provides protective eyewear and an accident doesn’t occur, you won’t have to worry about a worker’s compensation claim or a lawsuit.

When a workplace accident occurs, often an investigation reveals that the company violated the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA’s) rules. That can result in a hefty fine. If you follow OSHA’s guidelines related to protective eyewear, you won’t have to worry about having to pay a fine for safety violations.

If your company provides protective eyewear and requires workers to use it, that will send a message that your business values safety. That can make employees feel valued and can contribute to high morale, which can help the company attract and retain qualified workers.

In some cases, a story about an accident makes the news and causes damage to a company’s public image. A demonstrated commitment to safety, on the other hand, can help your business maintain a positive public image.

Order Protective Eyewear for Your Workers

Protective eyewear is cheap compared to all the potential costs associated with an accident. It’s therefore in your company’s best interest to invest in safety glasses and goggles and avoid much larger long-term costs.

We offer a wide range of products that are designed to prevent on-the-job injuries. We sell several types of goggles, including ones that are specifically designed to protect workers from chemicals. We also offer protective eyewear with both clear and tinted lenses. Place an order today!

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