The Importance of Respirator Fit Testing For Fire & Flood Restoration

If you’re in the fire or flood restoration business, then you know how important it is to protect your lungs from unwanted fumes. Since smoke and fumes are commonplace after a fire, you are likely required by OSHA to wear respirator masks.

While any respirator mask is better than no mask at all, it’s equally important to get your masks fitted by a qualified professional. To achieve this, you have 2 options: perform respirator fit testing internally, or outsource it.

Which is right for your organization? We believe you should incorporate a little of both.

Internal Testing: Appoint a Program Administrator

Ideally, you should at least appoint a respiratory program administrator. It is this individual’s job to ensure that fit testing is done regularly, and that all employees receive proper instruction, support, and guidance. For advice on how to pick the right program administrator, check out our guide..

Outsource It: Hire Certified Experts

Certified respirator fit testing professionals–like SoCal First Aid–can work alongside your internal program administrator. When you call us, we teach everyone how to select the right respirators, how to wear them properly, and how to know if they are fitted correctly.


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