The Importance of Regular Safety Training Refresher Courses

If your employees work in hazardous conditions, your company has a responsibility to provide them with safety training. Depending on your industry, that might mean that workers must learn how to operate equipment safely, how to deal with bloodborne pathogens, how to provide first aid and CPR, or other skills. Providing routine safety training refresher courses can help you ensure that your workers will retain critical information and be able to apply that knowledge when necessary.

Keep Facts and Skills Fresh in Your Employees’ Minds

When people don’t use information on a regular basis, they tend to forget a lot of it. Workers might pay attention during a class on first aid or CPR, but if they don’t apply what they learned in a real-life emergency, they might forget critical information. If someone gets hurt on the job, a coworker might not be able to remember what to do or might make a mistake that causes additional injuries.

Some of the people on your team might use hazardous equipment, such as a forklift, from time to time. An employee who receives training but doesn’t operate the equipment on a regular basis might forget something important that was discussed in class. Making a mistake while using a large piece of equipment can lead to serious injuries.

Keep Your Workers’ Skills Up to Date

Safety training refresher courses can provide valuable information that might be new to some employees. As medical professionals gain greater insights, recommendations related to first aid and CPR can change. As equipment is upgraded and new tools are introduced, training that employees received in the past can become outdated. Providing routine refresher training can help you be confident that everyone on your team has received the most current and relevant information available.

Meet Safety Requirements

In many industries, workers are required to take safety training refresher courses on a regular basis. This is particularly important in healthcare fields, where employees need to remember large amounts of information and be able to act quickly in an emergency. Providing routine refresher courses can help your business comply with requirements set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and other organizations.

Save Money

Safety training can also help your company’s bottom line. Keeping your employees’ knowledge and skills fresh can prevent accidents, workers’ compensation claims, time off to recover from injuries, and drops in productivity. Investing in refresher training can save your company a significant amount of money in the long run.

Schedule Workplace Safety Refresher Training

UniShield offers workplace safety courses in Southern California. Our classes cover first aid, CPR, hazwoper training, forklift operation, fire extinguisher safety, and other subjects that might be relevant to your business. With routine training, your employees can do their jobs safely and effectively. Contact us today to schedule a class.

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