Taking Steps to Reduce Eye Injuries in the Workplace

As today’s workforce continues to advance at rapid speeds – we’re doing more with less unlike ever before – there are still issues that plague many and cannot go ignored. Eye safety for example, is still a very large concern for workplaces across the U.S. because they lead to serious medical expenses, productivity loss and even long term, life-altering conditions for workers and their families.

According to an Occupational Health & Safety article eye injuries are, “averaging 2,000 per day –with more than one in 10 requiring missed workdays and 10-20 percent resulting in temporary or permanent vision loss.”

Those numbers are large and have room for drastic improvements to still be made.

Safety Glasses

Wearing the proper safety glasses and goggles is vital in the workplace to protect employees from injury. Providing the tools to protect their eyes is only half the battle though. Managers must also schedule training and put rules in place for when and how frequently the protective eyewear must be worn in the workplace. These rules will serve as a protection not only from personal injury, but also for business survival.

Selecting the Right Protective Optical Equipment

Some workplaces have more apparent threats than others. If there are shards of metal flying through the air all day, then picking safety glasses to keep eyes protected is a no-brainer. But there are also conditions when chemicals could irritate the eyes for example, that different types of protections should be worn to shield the eyes from splashes.

Take an inventory of your workplace conditions and all possible hazards as well as check with OSHA for necessary safety equipment needs to ensure your workplace is protected and compliant. When ordering safety goggles be sure to also consider the importance of properly fitting eye glasses for optimal protection. All of these requirements will work hand-in-hand to keep your workplace safe and reduce the number of injuries happening.

If you’re a business in Southern California looking for safety glasses, first aid and safety supplies, or would like to get training for your workforce, SoCal First Aid® offers the finest, most comprehensive products with service that can’t be beat and prices that won’t break the bank.

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