On-Site CPR Certification Courses for Southern California Businesses

CPR training dummyEmergencies are typically stressful situations. They crop up unplanned and oftentimes require specialized training to deal with. What makes emergencies even worse is not having a plan in place for when these incidents crop up.

Business continuity plans and disaster planning have become an important functions for businesses to protect their assets and ensure business continues as usual even in the event of an unplanned issue.

While security breaches and power outages are definitely threatening to a business’s livelihood other emergencies that involve the life of another human are even more important to plan ahead for. Statistics show that cardiac arrest happens pretty often in the workplace, so having staff ready to help with CPR is critical.

Responsible businesses will prepare their staff with CPR and/or AED training so that in the event of someone’s health condition becomes severe, immediate attention can be given.

On-Site Training

Delivering training to employees is a lot easier when that training is brought to the workplace. It’s also  a great way to bring employees together for an event, socialize and build a stronger team atmosphere.


Setting up CPR certification courses for your business should be viewed as an investment in your workforce. While setting aside capital for the purpose might be a tough sell to management, the long term benefits for the business far outweigh costs.

Tailored to Workplace

Some places of business are required to provide CPR and first aid training to employees. But even those sites that aren’t mandated should consider having training specialized to their workplace conditions. If the workplace deals with chemicals, perhaps tailoring those training classes to address spills, or if heavy machinery is in use, focuses training around particular emergencies that may occur as a result to these work conditions.

If you’re a California business and in need of on-site training, contact Socalfirstaid.com an expert in delivering training that employees understand and retain. Get OSHA compliant and keep your staff confident. Reach out today.

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