Safety Training for Restaurant Staff: What You Should Know

Safety training is important in every workplace. Regardless of the labor being performed, following proper steps to avoid risks is important for the livelihood of any company. Some industries have greater risk factors associated with the job at hand and must offer training and extra precautions like showing staff how to properly perform their jobs or risk hefty penalties and fines.

In a construction zone for example, understanding the importance of wearing a hard hat, or knowing where to walk and what areas to avoid are absolutely necessary to prevent harm. In the restaurant business, there are also compounded issues due to the use of fire, handling of foods people are ingesting and more, that make safety training especially critical.

OSHA Restaurant Safety Guidelines

Being safe not only protects a business and its workers in this industry, but also all of the customers being served. To help ensure businesses follow suit, OSHA offers specific restaurant safety guidelines they must adhere to.

It advises restaurants to speak with workers about all of the dangers present in the work environment so they can make better decisions. Things like slipping and falling, being cut with a knife, or burned by a hot pan, will likely happen at some point, but the better staff understands steps for treating and avoiding these incidences, the less likely they might occur.

Food contamination, safe cooking and chemical handling in the cleaning processes, are also dangers that restaurant employees should be trained to avoid or handle properly. From line cooks to those serving drinks, there is no employee that should be in a restaurant and unaware of the safety measures needed to make the work environment a safe one.

Get Training Help

If you’re a restaurant owner and looking to get your staff trained on all OSHA-mandated safety standards for your Southern California restaurant, contact SoCal First Aid®. We can provide a full, comprehensive first aid kit with easy refill services, as well as safety training and certification for your entire kitchen and front-of-the-house staff.

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