What is Safety Culture and Why Should Workplaces Care

Today’s workplaces are under stringent demands to cut costs and deliver quality while still protecting employees from potential harm. A safe workplace requires cooperation from leaders, managers, and workers. Proper training and a culture built around safety-first tactics is required.

Employees that feel safe and protected are also going to more easily follow rules, have fewer injuries and increase overall productivity. They’re also going to use the safety equipment as needed because they feel good about supporting the overall vitality of the operations. That’s where the benefit of having a safety culture comes in. One where the health and wellbeing of employees is recognizably top of mind.

How do you get there?

It starts at the top. Getting serious about training, involving CEOs as well as staff members in the process and allowing everyone to feel like part of the bigger team is certainly the best approach to changing the culture in a workplace.

For example, if workers don’t feel rushed to complete a job or under pressure to meet productivity numbers, and instead recognize that safety is the most important thing, they’re less likely to take risks that could lead to injury and costly workers comp claims.

To help with improving morale and overall company culture, there is a need to purchase necessary personal protection equipment and other safety gear and first aid tools.  Protective gear such as safety goggles, gloves, and even steel toe shoes are just some of the ways you can help workers do their job confidently while curbing the occurrence of incidents.

Rewards and ongoing training are also a great way to ensure everyone at the operations is up to date with the latest safety requirements and that they feel appreciated and motivated to continue on the path to a safe and appreciative work environment.

If your business is located in Southern California and you’re in need of safety gear, first aid supplies or on-site safety training, SoCal First Aid® has you covered.  We believe prevention is the most powerful tool there is.  Contact us to learn more about how to make your workplace the safest it can be.

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