Restocking your Office Cabinets with First Aid Supplies in 2021

Now that most of the restrictions from 2020 have been lifted across the nations, many workplaces and offices are no longer offering their employees the option of working virtually from home. The return to the office is seen as a great opportunity and one some are apprehensive about. If your office is getting all of its workers back in their chairs, then ensuring you have a sanitary, clean, and well-stocked place of business is key.

You never know when an emergency can occur and be prepared with the supplies to address cuts, scrapes, burns, or other illnesses should be a priority. In fact, for many industries, it’s also the law. OSHA rules for workplace first aid kits can vary for your industry so it’s important to know the rules.

Here are just a few of the first aid supplies you should have on your restocking list for 2021.


Restock Bandages

You can never have enough bandages. Different shapes and sizes can be used for varying injuries, Don’t forget that styles and the materials bandages are made with are also important factors. Metal detectable bandages are commonly used in food prep while stretch and water-resistant will be great at locations where hands are submersed in water for any time in the day. Then there are also H-style bandages that are designed to not fall off.


Keep CPR & AED Supplies On Hand

CPR and Automated External Defibrillator (AED) products are a necessity for the workplace. These clean and sterile instruments help users to perform CPR and other basic first aid responses when someone is experiencing a life-threatening situation. CPR micro shields, face shields, exam gloves, and portable oxygen soft packs to assist you in providing emergency CPR and AED relief are just some of the items you should always have in your kit.


Over-the-counter Medicines for Your Office

Even if you can count your workplace lucky to not be exposed to many hazards throughout the day, don’t forget that things like back pain or eye strain are still common for the workers who are spending hours seated in the same position or staring at a computer screen. For this reason, your first aid kit should have several types of over-the-counter tablets from pain relief products to antacids and sinus relief available to employees should they need it during the workday.

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