Protecting Employee Health with First Aid Supplies and Training

If you run a business, you must provide a safe environment for your employees. In some cases, you might have to adhere to state or federal health and safety regulations. Providing first aid supplies and training should be a priority for your business, whether it’s mandated or not.

Minimizing the Spread of Illness and Infections

Viruses, such as colds, the flu, and COVID-19, can spread rapidly from person to person. Having employees wear masks can be an effective way to keep illness and infections from spreading in the workplace. Taking precautions is particularly important if you operate a healthcare facility or if your workers serve vulnerable populations, such as senior citizens, young children, or people with compromised immune systems.

Ensuring Availability of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Personal protective equipment can help prevent on-the-job injuries and the spread of illness. The types of tasks your employees do will determine what kinds of PPE are appropriate. 

At a construction site, for example, workers might need hard hats to protect them from falling objects, respirators to keep them from inhaling dust, earmuffs or ear plugs to prevent hearing damage, and safety goggles to protect their eyes from debris, chemicals, and toxic fumes. In a healthcare setting, employees will need gloves to prevent exposure to bloodborne pathogens, as well as face shields and other forms of PPE in some situations.

Adhering to Health and Safety Guidelines 

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is a federal agency that sets workplace safety standards. Your business might be required to comply with a set of rules that are meant to keep workers safe. For instance, you might have to provide employees with specific types of personal protective equipment, as well as training that can reduce the risk of injury.

Health and safety regulations can also be set at a state level. Be sure that you’re familiar with the rules in your jurisdiction and that you comply with them. Keep in mind that regulations can change from time to time. Stay up to date.

If your company operates in multiple states, the rules might differ from one place to another. You’re responsible for making sure that your business complies with the regulations in each location.

Protect Your Team with First Aid Supplies and Training

Even if you’re not legally obligated to provide your employees with personal protective equipment or safety training, you should. Keeping your workers safe is good for business. Showing that you care about your employees can help keep them engaged, minimize the number of days that people are out sick, and prevent missed deadlines and drops in productivity.

UniShield provides first aid kits and cabinets, a wide range of personal protective equipment, as well as workplace health and safety training programs for businesses in Southern California. Contact us today to order supplies or to schedule a class for your team. 



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