WoundSeal® “Powder Bandage” Stops Blood Loss

Hypoallergenic powder bandage to stop bleeding instantly by adhering to the wound tissue, absorbing the fluid, and forming a seal that will protect against infection and contamination. #103200

WoundSeal is referred to as the “Powder Bandage” which stops bleeding instantly. Just cover the wound with WoundSeal  powder and apply direct pressure on the affected area for approximately 15-30 seconds. WoundSeal powder leaves tissue undamaged to allow the healing process to begin immediately. WoundSeal Powder adheres to the wound tissue, absorbing and interacting with its fluids to form a seal. This seal stops the bleeding, protects the wound from further infection and contamination, and allows the body‘s own mechanism to begin healing. WoundSeal is hypoallergenic.

Provides effective and immediate relief for injured employees so they can get right back to work. Minimizes trips to the ER. Available in a two-application pack for easy-to-reach cuts and lacerations. Many people wonder what the best way to stop blood loss is, and this first aid kit essential item will stop bleeding within seconds. Box contains one package with two applications.

#103030 WoundSeaL

Weight 0.2 oz
Dimensions 4.5 × 3 × 0.5 in