Samaritan PAD

Samaritan PAD, small and lightweight unit, for lay rescuer. A user-friendly defibrillator. #355310

The Samaritan PAD is a small and lightweight unit designed for the first responder as well as the lay rescuer. This user-friendly defibrillator will guide you through each step of the rescue process with clear voice instructions and coinciding descriptive flashing icons. In noisy rescue situations, these visual flashing icons alone can coach you through each step.

Comes with the Samaritan Carrying Case

The special Samaritan carrying case was designed to hold the device snuggly in place and allow for easy and quick operation. A clear plastic cover protects it from environmental factors, such as dust or water, while allowing you to operate without taking the unit out of the carrying case. Just pull the green tab to access the electrode pads.

#355310 Heartsine Samaritan PAD

Weight 3 oz