Motrin IB

Trusted ibuprofen to relieve pain, swelling, inflammation, and aches. Single-dose packets for safety and convenience.

MOTRIN* IB Targets Your Pain Where It Starts
Your body feels pain in a specific area when chemicals called prostaglandins are produced around that area. And that’s exactly where MOTRIN* IB ibuprofen goes to work. Unlike acetaminophen pain relievers that act centrally to alter your perception of pain, MOTRIN* IB is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug that works at the source of your pain by limiting the production of prostaglandin. So, if you have a headache, MOTRIN* IB works at the source of your headache, and if you have a leg muscle strain, MOTRIN* IB works directly at the source of your leg pain.

You can rely on MOTRIN* IB for fast and effective relief of:

Arthritis Pain
Back Pain
Cough, Cold & Flu
Dental Pain
Menstrual Symptoms
Muscle Aches & Pains

#122250 100/box

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