Lubricant Eye Drops

Relieves dry eyes, discomfort and minor irritation. Protects and soothes eye tiredness, eye stress.

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Lubricant Drops
5 Sterile Single-Use Droppers 0.4 ml ea

Eyes can become dry, red, and irritated from long periods of time spent driving, using a computer, or being exposed to heat or air conditioning. This can make it difficult for employees to focus and concentrate.

* Preservative Free
* Soothing Relief for Eyes
* Suitable for Non-Contact Lens & Contact Lens Users
* Special Formula for use with and without contact lenses
* Relieves dry eyes, discomfort, and minor irritation resulting from lengthy driving time and overexposure to heaters and air conditioning
* Protects and soothes computer-induced eye tiredness, stress and dryness
* Preservative-free formula recommended for safe daily use
* Moisturizes your eyes with lasting lubrication like natural tears


* Special Formula for use with or without contact lenses
* Individual package to avoid cross-contamination from repeated use
* Biodegradable / toxic-free material safe for our environment
* Compact mini-size easy to carry

#130400 5 vials

Weight 0.6 oz
Dimensions 3 × 4 × 0.5 in