LifeHammer & ResQMe Car Rescue Escape Tool

LifeHammer & Res-Q-Me car escape rescue tools can break car glass and cut a seatbelt. Regular or pocket size to help you get out of the car quickly and easily.

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LifeHammer & ResQMe
LifeHammer is the ORIGINAL car emergency tool. This safety toll allows people to escape from being trapped in their vehicle.

Its powerful, double steel-tipped hammer heads make it easy to break the side windows by a simple swing into the corner of the glass.

Has a Razor-sharp safety blade for cutting a seat belt.

Includes a sturdy mount which can be attached to the roof, dash or console for easy accessibility.

Floursecent marker on the mount pin-points LifeHammer even in the dark or in murky water.<br
ResQMe is the Keychain version of LifeHammer. It is so compact that it goes with your car keychain yet strong enough to break glass window and to cut seat belt.

#356040 LifeHammer
#356050 ResQMe

If you’re in a situation where you’re stuck in your car, time is of the essence. Many times, you can’t wait for paramedics to come rescue you. You may be surrounded by water or close to a dangerous fire.

With the LifeHammer & ResQMe car rescue escape tools, you’ll be able to easily break glass or cut a seatbelt and free yourself from danger. The strength of the LifeHammer?, the original car escape tool, allows for the greatest ease in glass breaking or seatbelt cutting. Plus, since you can easily mount it, the LifeHammer will always be readily available.

The ResQMe tool provides the same rescuing tool, but in a smaller package, suitable for keychains or glove compartments. The ResQMe may be small, but it still provides enough muscle to break glass and cut seatbelts.
Don’t be stuck without these great pocket tools that can help rescue you if you’re stuck in your car.

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Life Hammer & Res-Q-Me

#356040 Life Hammer, #356050 ResQMe