Large 24″x24″ Red Biohazard Bag

These large red biohazard waste disposal bags come in bulk and boast clear, easy-to-view biohazard symbols to identify harmful contents. OSHA compliant.

These 24 x 24 inches (10 gal./13 mil.) biohazard bags are great for easy disposal of infectious waste. Bright red color and biohazard symbols indicate to waste disposal companies the potential hazard and need for additional care in handling.

#250240 1/bag

More Information about OSHA Standards for Bloodborne Pathogens

Since 1991 and the passage of the Occupational Exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens Standard, OSHA required employers to develop and Exposure Control Plan for the disposal of regulated medical waste in order to mitigate the threat posed to employees by bloodborne pathogens like HIV and Hepatitis B.

What is included under “regulated medical waste?”

“Regulated waste” includes the following:

  • Liquid blood, semi-liquid blood, and other potentially infectious materials (OPIM) or bodily fluids.
  • Items contaminated with liquid blood, semi-liquid blood, or OPIM such as cotton swabs, gauze, and clothing.
  • Items caked with dried blood or OPIM that may release during handling.
  • Pathological and microbiological wastes containing blood or OPIM.

Determination of regulated waste isn’t made by volume of blood or OPIM, but by the potential for release of blood or OPIM. A small amount of blood soaked into a bedsheet may not be regulated, but the same amount in a cotton ball could, if it were dripping.

Disposal of Regulated Waste

Disposal regulations vary by state. General OSHA rules state that regulated waste must be placed in containers which comply with the following:

  • They are closeable.
  • They are made to contain all contents and prevent leaking during handling and transport.
  • They are labelled or color coded according to applicable standards.
  • They are closed prior to removal.
  • If outside contamination of the regulated waste container occurs, it must be placed in a second container meeting the above standards.

Our red biohazard bags are in full compliance with these regulations.


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Weight 0.7 oz
Dimensions 3 × 4.125 × 0.25 in
Large 24"x24" Red Biohazard Bag

#250240 1/bag