Bantex Protective Wrap

Protects hands and fingers from industrial hazards while maximizing dexterity. Non-adhesive, wear-resistant cohesive gauze.

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Safeguard against industrial hazards with a protective, non-adhesive, wear-resistant, cohesive gauze that effectively maximizes dexterity. Bantex protective wrap is comfortable and water-resistant. It is safe for sensitive skin and will not stick to skin or hair. Bantex protective wrap sticks to itself instantly for a firm hold. It can easily be removed by cutting the tape. Bantex protective wrap can protect the skin and allow a person to work in an industrial environment without compromising safety and dexterity.

#82860 3⁄4  x 30 yds

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Bantex Protective Wrap

#082820 1" x 10 yds, #082860 3/4" x 30 yds