16-unit Metal Kit

Contains bandages, gloves, ice pack, antiseptic, & more in a metal case. Meets or exceeds ANSI standards to treat minor injuries for up to 3 people.

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At any given time an emergency can occur. That’s why being prepared and knowledgeable of safety procedures can help you when an incident does occur.

The 16-Unit Metal Kit is here to aid in that.  Stocked with ice packs, antiseptic wipes, bandages and more, the 16-Unit Metal Kit can aid in the treatment of minor injuries of up to 3 people.

All contents of the 16-Unit Metal Kit meet or exceed ANSI expectations to ensure you get some of the best quality equipment for your emergency.

#20473 Metal Full
#20474 Metal Empty

Weight 7 oz
Dimensions N/A
Material and Contents

Metal Empty, Metal Full