Preparing Your Organization for an Active Shooter Scenario

It’s an unfortunate reality that workplaces face today: the thought of an active shooter barging in with a goal of harming people. While it was a rare occurrence decades ago, in recent years, it’s, unfortunately, a possibility that should be prepared for.

In a recent video, Respond Safety’s training coordinator, Michael Kelber, explains that active shooter scenarios are becoming more common.

“Unfortunately, today, it’s a reality that we live with,” he said. “[You may work] in a warehouse environment, an office building, a hospital, a school…it can happen anywhere at any time.”

Kelber offers some advice to employers to ensure that organizations are as prepared as possible for an active shooter situation. Employees, workers, students and anyone else who could be affected should do the following:


While it may be tempting to remain in the situation to help, anyone present in an area being stalked by an active shooter should run and get to safety. You can help more from a place of safety than you can in danger by alerting police and emergency services. Don’t presume that someone else will do it.

If you can’t run, hide.

Many people have survived active shooter situations just by remaining out of the shooter’s sight. Locking doors and barricading them with furniture is also a good option, and everyone should stay as far as possible from windows.

If you can’t run or hide, defend yourself.

Many unarmed bystanders have successfully halted an active shooter situation or delayed it until law enforcement arrives.

Education and even practice drills can help immensely when it comes to active shooter scenarios. While schools and hospitals frequently have official policies in place and engage in regular drills, workplaces often do not. Many employers are uncomfortable handing out advice either because they’re unaware of what guidance to give, or they are wary of legal implications.

Get Professional Training

A professional workplace health and safety organization can help you ensure your employees and others are prepared for an emergency. In California, Respond Systems offers onsite safety training for a variety of scenarios, including an active shooter situation.

Watch the full video below and get in touch to protect your workplace today!

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