Prepare Your Workforce for 2020: Forklift Safety Training

Forklift incidents are an all too common concern in today’s workplaces. Implementing a safety plan for the operation of these vehicles is critical for companies as they plan their 2020 operations. Investing in forklift safety measures is far more cost-efficient after all than the fines and infractions given for violations.

Common forklift incidents include:

  • Tipping or overturning the machine
  • Not using a seatbelt
  • Striking pedestrians

Forklifts might be beneficial to productivity in the workplace, but they also present a number of risks that cannot go ignored. Providing any worker who must operate a forklift with the proper training is not only a good idea, it’s also necessary for compliance.

3 Things to Do Now

  1. Host Training Programs – Provide your employees with the opportunity to gain hands-on training and skills for the safe operation of forklifts at your job site. This can be done right on-site at your facility. Topics such as steering and maneuvering, visibility, fork and attachment adaptation, operation, and use limitations, and other topics should be covered.
  2. Mandate Operator Certifications – Cal/OSHA regulations require that all employers, “shall ensure that each powered industrial truck operator is competent to operate a powered industrial truck safely, as demonstrated by the successful completion of the training and evaluation specified.”
  3. Have a Written Safety Plan– In addition to training and mandates, it’s critical to have a written procedure and policy for all staff to adhere to. These are key when disputes and injuries arise as well.

Schedule Forklift Training in Southern California

Keep your workplace safe and productive with training and protection equipment. SoCal First Aid provides Southern California businesses with on-site safety training, disaster preparedness training, OSHA compliance training and more. CONTACT US TODAY!

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