PPE Equipment: Protecting Vision in the Workplace

Eye injuries are one of the most serious accidents that occur in today’s workplace. In addition to millions of dollars in losses due to time off and worker’s comp, there’s also the threat of more permanent damage to someone’s vision and the fact that many of these injuries can be prevented.

Safety training and proper precautions in place can help curb some of the biggest eye problems happening today. From long hours in front of the computer, exposure to harmful rays, chemicals, flying debris and more.

Here are some of the vision problems experienced at workplaces and how PPE equipment like goggles can be used to reduce the impact.

Digital Eye Strain in Offices

Most office workers are sitting for extended periods of time in front of computers to get their day’s work done. This is leading to a number of health concerns and in terms of vision, a problem called “digital eye strain.” To help prevent it, experts suggest looking away from the screen for 20 seconds every 20 minutes, having your eyes checked regularly by an optometrist and using prescription glasses if needed to help ease some of the strain.

PPE Equipment for Construction & Manufacturing

In manufacturing and construction settings, the use of PPE equipment like Goggles and safety glasses can protect workers from airborne debris, splashes and fumes, bloodborne pathogens and more.  Full face respirators and face shields can also be used to prevent workers from eye hazards.

Safety Training and Supplies

In the event that an accident does occur and someone’s eyes have been affected, it’s important that the staff on hand is aware of how to handle the situation. In addition to training, they’ll need access to first aid supplies and the proper steps to protect workers from vision loss.

If you’re located in Southern California and in need of safety supplies or equipment for your workplace, contact SoCalFirstAid. Our van delivery service provides you with a full line of medical equipment and supplies delivered to you for ultimate convenience. We also offer educational services and training for everything from CPR to forklift operation.

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