OSHA Requirements in California: How to Stay Compliant

If you’re a business operating in the state of California, you’re probably already aware of the rules put in place by Cal/OSHA and the importance of remaining compliant. But did you also know that those rules will eventually include updates or be changed and that you should be keeping up to date to remain compliant? Failure to comply can lead to costly fines and even shutdown of your operations.

Here are some tips for staying compliant.


In addition to federal workplace protections put in place to protect employees and create a safe work environment, the California Occupational Safety and Health Regulations (Cal/OSHA), which were enacted in 1973, includes state-specific health and safety plans that take precedence over the federal OSHA guidelines.

Understanding Industry-specific Requirements

Depending on which industry you operate, requirements for training and maintaining compliance will change. For example, most workplaces will require planning for emergencies and exit routes as well as training for fire protection, safe material handling and machine operation. However in industries such as maritime, those rules increase to include how to properly handle cargo, prepare surfaces in a shipyard and operation of ladders and riding equipment. Contacting OSHA directly is the best option for understanding the exact requirements of your industry.

Outreach Training Classes

Basic training to meet OSHA requirements are done during “Outreach Training” programs that are offered in 10 or 30 hours courses and provide basic safety, health and information for workers. The courses are broken down by specific industries to deliver specific criteria. Workers who are up-to-date on all standards, policies and regulations and who complete courses can receive certifications of completion but should continue to receive refresher courses regularly.

If you need OSHA compliance training for your Southern California workplace, contact SoCal First Aid® today. We serve the Greater Los Angeles, San Diego County, Orange County, Ventura County, and San Bernardino County area and offer training and compliance courses, as well as consulting for a variety of industries.

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