National Work & Family Month: How Workplace Safety Benefits Workers and Families

Having a healthy balance between your career ambitions, work schedule, and family life is important for productivity and for maintaining mental health.

October is, “National Work and Families Month,” which focuses on keeping a healthy work-life balance. Part of this starts with having a safe place to work. One that guards employees from injury or harm and that fosters growth.

Here are some of the ways safety precautions can benefit both workers and their families.

Injury Prevention Programs

One of the best ways to prevent injuries in the workplace is to identify and plan for them in advance. Business should have injury prevention programs in place that combine efforts from managers, employees and leadership which carefully look at possible hazards present in their workplaces and train on how to best avoid those hazards. In addition to avoiding possible dangers, these programs can protect workplaces from the costs associated with injuries, illnesses and other fines.

Health Wellness Programs

Some businesses today are also offering employee wellness programs in a move to improve the quality of life of their workforce. These tactics also help reduce insurance premiums and might even cut down on workers compensation claims. The idea is to offer healthier food choices for employees, offer access to local fitness facilities or other health education classes that promote better eating and movement. As obesity rates climb in the U.S. and the average desk worker increases, these programs are becoming more and more important. A healthier workforce also misses less days and is in better shape to enjoy time off with their families.

Workplace Safety Programs

Keeping employees safe while on the job is a responsibility that all businesses must take seriously. Being stocked and up-to-date with all protective equipment and training is even mandatory for some industries. In California, OSHA and Cal/OSHA requirements must be met or businesses risk costly fines.

SoCal First Aid® provides businesses in southern California with all of the tools they need for spill cleanup, environmental safety, confined space, ergonomics, and MSDS lockout/tagout equipment, as well as safety posters and signs.

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