Most Businesses Don’t Know What to Do About an Active Shooter

It’s not uncommon to hear today about active shooter scenarios unfolding at public locations. Unfortunately with this type of threat looming all the time, it’s important for people to be prepared. Workplaces can be a top target when hostile situations are happening with employees so it’s critical to protect the public and staff by arming them with tools for handling active shooter situations should they ever unfold. 

However, most businesses admit they are not really prepared and don’t know the first thing to do if this does occur. According to a study by EMS solutions provider Everbridge,  79 percent of executives and leaders are more concerned about employee or student safety than they were two years ago. These workplaces also said they are not really sure how to effectively communicate when an emergency situation is happening to their employees as it’s unfolding and that makes them feel unprepared. 

“The results of this study underscore a very disturbing trend. While an active-shooter scenario is every company’s nightmare, few organizations are prepared to effectively manage the situation,” said Regina Phelps, Founder, EMS Solutions. “Companies need to move beyond fear into action, take clear steps to prevent an attack from happening, and also be prepared if it does.”

In addition to running training drills with employees to help with preparedness, most of the study respondents also said it would be important for them to have a communication method in place where they could easily report information back to safety officials during an incident.

Training is essential. There’s safety in numbers; therefore, the more people in a group who are prepared for the worst, the better. Are you a business located in Southern California? Need to get prepared for Active Shooter situations? It’s easy to schedule a training session




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