More Businesses in Search of Active Shooter Training

Mass shootings have become alarmingly frequent occurrences, causing Americans to realize that gun violence can happen anywhere. This has prompted an increasing number of business owners to provide active shooter training so their employees will know what to do if violence occurs at their workplace.

Why Is Active Shooter Training Necessary?

Many people have no idea what to do if they suddenly hear gunfire, and people often panic when they find themselves in that situation. Receiving active shooter training and knowing how to respond can mean the difference between life and death. Active shooter training teaches employees and managers important do’s and don’ts, such as how to report an incident, what specific information to provide to the dispatcher, and how to hide and avoid detection.

The best way to prepare for an active shooter scenario is to go through realistic training. It’s one thing to watch a video or listen to someone give tips, and another to put that information into practice in a chaotic and terrifying situation. Sometimes people know exactly what to do but freeze or draw a blank when confronted with a realistic shooting scenario. If all employees have received training, they can work together to respond quickly and appropriately in an emergency.

What Else Can Businesses Do to Keep Employees Safe?

Identifying potential threats is another key piece of the puzzle. Workplace shootings are most often carried out by a disgruntled current or former employee or by an individual who is involved in a volatile personal relationship with someone who works at the company.

Knowing if an employee is angry about conditions in the workplace or if someone who has been fired or laid off might be prone to violence can help businesses take steps to improve security. An employee who has assaulted a partner or family member may also carry out acts of violence at work. If an employee is a victim of domestic violence, the person’s partner may come to the workplace to carry out an attack if the victim reports the abuse to police or attempts to end the relationship.

Being aware of potential threats can enable managers and staffers to take precautions to keep everyone safe. Employees should be encouraged to report any suspicious activity, changes in a coworker’s behavior, or comments that seemed threatening or disturbing to management or human resources. All complaints should be taken seriously and dealt with appropriately.

Schedule Active Shooter Training at Your Workplace

Businesses have a responsibility to keep their employees safe and to prepare them for hazards they may face on the job. Unfortunately, nowadays the list of potential dangers includes shootings. Respond Systems offers active shooter training programs to teach employees when to run, when to hide, and how to defend themselves if they have no alternative. This practical and valuable instruction can save lives. Contact us today to schedule a training session for your employees.

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