Mid-Sized Companies Placing Increased Emphasis on Safety Training

Businesses have a responsibility to create a safe work environment for their employees and to provide appropriate training so they can perform their jobs safely. That mandate has become even more important due to the coronavirus pandemic.

How Businesses Have Responded to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Companies have had to evaluate the specific risks their workers face and respond accordingly. For businesses where employees regularly work in close quarters or interact with the public, that has meant that owners and managers have had to purchase personal protective equipment, such as face masks and eye protection, to shield employees from potential exposure to the coronavirus.

Businesses have also implemented strict protocols related to cleaning and disinfecting to prevent transmission of COVID-19. Managers have had to figure out which cleaning products and methods are appropriate for various surfaces and circumstances and have had to provide workers with the training and supplies necessary to carry out those tasks.

Social distancing and mask-wearing have become commonplace, but companies have had to modify some normal employee behaviors to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. For example, many businesses have restricted gatherings in break rooms or have set up plastic dividers so workers can socialize while staying protected.

Companies have also increased the amount of safety-related data that they collect. Some businesses use technology to keep track of which employees have received each type of training and when. Technology can also be used to make updated safety protocols available immediately to all workers.

Routine Safety Training Is Still Important

Workplace safety was vital before the pandemic and will continue to be in the future. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) implements and enforces rules that are designed to prevent workplace accidents. Those rules relate to everything from the placement of fire extinguishers to policies on the use of personal protective equipment and the storage of hazardous chemicals.

Companies that violate OSHA’s mandates are subject to fines. In addition, failing to adhere to safety guidelines can result in accidents, injuries, and even deaths, which can lead to costly lawsuits. Providing appropriate training and following OSHA’s rules can help companies avoid those problems.

Schedule Safety Training for Your Mid-Sized Business

SoCal First Aid offers several training programs that are designed to suit the needs of a wide range of companies. Those include classes on first aid and CPR, fire extinguisher safety, respirator fit testing, bloodborne pathogens, and additional topics. Contact us today to learn more about the courses we offer and how they can help your business comply with OSHA’s guidelines and keep your employees safe from COVID-19 and other hazards.

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