Why You Should Invest in Workplace First Aid Training

With the high risk for fines, lawsuits and serious injury in the workplace, it’s important to focus on prevention. To do so, ongoing, consistent training is key. Not only will the investment help protect your business, it will also improve employee morale.

First, you’ll want to assess your workplace conditions. Depending if you work at a loading dock, office or in a school, you’ll have different hazards and training will vary depending on these factors.

Accidents and disasters happen. Being fully prepared for them is the only way to reduce the potential for disastrous outcomes.

In addition to training all staff members with proper procedures in the workplace and the importance of safety, it’s critical to add first aid training and supplies to the experience.

A first aid kit should be available to address everything from a common cold, headaches or a cut. There should also be supplies for burns, shock, and other dangers and it should be checked regularly and replenished as well as located in an easy to find location that all employees are aware of.

By practicing more safety while at work, there will also be a reduction in sick days and call outs and businesses will notice a decrease in productivity loss.  When workers feel appreciated and that their safety and best interests are being kept in mind, they’ll likely work harder and more efficiently.

This is also against the law for many industries. In order to remain compliant with OSHA and other regulations, be sure to check what those laws for your workplace are and that you’re up to date on all of them.

First aid response isn’t just the way to address an injury after it’s already happened but also a preventative measure to keep issues from becoming larger.

There is a greater chance of people walking away with a less severe injury when proper first aid is administered until emergency responders can arrive on the scene. Stopping rapid blood loss, performing CPR and other first aid can be taught to employees for use in these extreme situations.

Get Training for Your Workplace

You don’t have to do it alone. As an already busy workplace with demands that need to be met, figuring out when and who will offer proper training might seem like a daunting task. With inspector lead training courses from qualified professionals, get employees up to speed quickly and with all the most up to date safety and emergency first aid skills, they need to work confidently each day.

If you require OSHA compliance training for your Southern California workplace, contact SoCal First Aid® today. We offer both online and on-site training and compliance courses, as well as consulting, for a variety of industries. We’re also the top source for first aid supplies, kits, and refills for businesses and schools in Southern California.

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