Industrial Workers Call for Better Safety Measures and Training

A recent survey by Vector Solutions highlights significant concerns among industrial workers regarding workplace safety and training. The State of Industrial Worker Safety and Well-Being report, which surveyed over 600 professionals in fields such as maintenance, production, engineering, and health and safety, reveals that nearly half (46%) of employees believe their employers could do more to prevent safety incidents. Furthermore, a striking 83% feel that safety protocols are treated as mere formalities rather than genuine commitments to their well-being.

Despite these concerns, there is a positive outlook as 58% of respondents believe that additional training could enhance workplace safety. Clare Epstein, General Manager of Commercial at Vector Solutions, emphasized the critical role of safety in workforce well-being and productivity, noting the need for employers to prioritize comprehensive and accessible safety training.

The survey also underscored the importance of training in job retention and satisfaction. Key findings include:

  • 81% of workers feel that effective training encourages them to stay with their current employer.
  • 62% believe good training enhances job satisfaction.
  • 57% report that safety issues drive experienced workers away, exacerbating the skills gap.
  • 44% say safety concerns hinder hiring, contributing to labor shortages and the skills gap.

However, the report highlights disparities in training accessibility, especially for non-native English speakers. Half of these workers say their company does not provide training in their native language, and they are significantly more likely to feel pressured to prioritize productivity over safety and uncomfortable reporting hazards.

Overall, the survey reveals a pressing need for dynamic and up-to-date training materials to prevent knowledge loss, bridge skills gaps, and retain valuable employees.


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