Importance of Respirator Fit Testing For Pest Control Professionals

If you’re a pest control professional, then you provide a very important service. Ridding houses and commercial properties of pests is a skill that most people will appreciate. While your work is certainly beneficial to many people and businesses, it’s important to remember that your own safety and health comes first. That means you should have your respirator mask tested annually by a professional. 

Sporting an ill-fitting respirator will expose you to harmful pesticides and fumes. Letting this go on too long will cause you some serious health issues.

Convinced? Good. Remember that you can’t have just anyone test your respirator; rather, for your own safety, get it tested by someone who has been trained to administer these types of tests. If you’re employed by a company who specializes in pest control, then they should have a program administrator either on staff. It is the program administrator’s job to ensure that you receive appropriate and effective fit testing. If there isn’t a program administrator at your company, then look for an outside company. 

Need Respirator Fit Testing? Contact SoCal First Aid

If you work in Southern California, then we can help you. We conduct both qualitative and quantitative fit testing for a variety of employees. Learn more about our respirator fit testing services, or call us now–we’ll be happy to help!

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