How to Make Sure Your Office Is a Safe Place for Your Employees

People often don’t think of offices as dangerous places, but the fact is, employees can face a wide range of hazards on a daily basis. In any workplace, it’s important to identify and address potentially dangerous conditions, create and implement safety protocols, and provide employees with appropriate equipment and first aid supplies.

Identify Hazards in Your Office

You may think of your office as a safe place, but if you walk around looking for potential sources of accidents, you may be surprised by how many you discover. Common causes of office accidents include loose carpeting, a shaky stair railing, a shelf with commonly used supplies placed up high, and a floor that has just been mopped and hasn’t been marked to alert people that it’s wet. Employees may also get injured when using some types of office equipment or kitchen appliances.

Address Potential Causes of Accidents

If you notice any issues that require attention, assign the task to your company’s maintenance department or hire an outside contractor to take care of it as quickly as possible. You may also have to provide your workers with training or equipment so they can avoid injuries. For example, an employee may reach for a box on a top shelf because there is no alternative. That can result in a serious injury. Providing a step stool is a simple solution that can keep workers from getting hurt.

Teach Employees What to Do in an Emergency

Often, injuries become worse because they aren’t treated right away, or workers get hurt because they don’t know what to do when an emergency occurs. If you don’t already provide first aid training for your workers, schedule a class so they will at least know how to provide basic care if someone gets hurt on the job. Make one or more first aid kits available to employees at all times. It’s a good idea to mount a first aid cabinet on a wall in a common area.

Review your emergency procedures and make sure they’re up to date and reflect current best practices. Schedule meetings and drills so your employees will know what to do if there is a fire or another type of emergency that requires them to evacuate the building. Designate a specific evacuation route and a place for workers to meet so managers can make sure that everyone is accounted for. Train employees in what to do if there is a severe storm or another type of event that requires everyone to shelter in place.

Get First Aid Supplies and Training for Your Office

Many workplace accidents can be prevented by identifying and addressing dangerous situations, teaching workers safety procedures, and supplying equipment to prevent injuries and to treat any that occur. SoCal First Aid offers first aid kits and cabinets, as well as a variety of safety training programs. Contact us today to order supplies or to schedule a class.

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