How Safety Training Can Help Your Business Survive an Earthquake

Southern California experiences earthquakes on a regular basis. The constant threat of an earthquake is a fact of life for people who live and work in the state. Knowing what to do in the event of an earthquake can help people avoid panicking and making mistakes. Providing safety training for your employees can help them stay relatively calm so they can respond appropriately in an earthquake.

Knowledge Can Prevent Panic

In an emergency situation, it’s natural for people to panic. That can cause them to make decisions that can put themselves and others at even greater risk of harm. If people know what they should and shouldn’t do during and after an earthquake, that can keep a tragedy from becoming even worse.

For example, during an earthquake, people often want to run to a different room or exit a building. If they attempt to do so, they can get knocked down by the violent shaking of the ground, get injured by falling debris inside or outside the building, get stuck in a non-functioning elevator, or get injured if they are in a crowded building and there is a stampede toward the door.

During an earthquake, the best course of action is to stay put, move away from anything that could fall, drop to the ground, and seek shelter under a table or some other type of furniture. If someone is outside when an earthquake starts, it’s best to move to an open area away from anything that might fall, such as pieces of a building and utility poles, and drop to the ground.

Train Your Employees So They’ll Be Prepared to Respond to an Earthquake

It’s important for people to know what to do in the event of a natural disaster. Since earthquakes are so common in Southern California, everyone who resides or works in the state should receive safety training. Providing earthquake training for your employees can enable them to save their own lives, and potentially the lives of others. 

UniShield offers a variety of safety courses. In an earthquake training class, your workers will learn the most common sources of injuries associated with earthquakes, typical mistakes that can put people in even greater danger, and the best ways to minimize the risk to themselves. 

Where an individual is when the shaking starts will affect the options that are available and will dictate how the person should respond. Employees will learn what to do in a variety of locations and circumstances. Contact UniShield today to schedule earthquake preparedness training for your team.

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