How Our First Aid Cabinet Refill Service Saves You Time & Money

Keeping up with health and safety regulations is not always easy, but we can help. At UniShield, we provide a convenient first-aid cabinet refilling service that allows you to have the right equipment on hand at all times. Our first aid cabinets include everything that you need for your risk assessment for your premises, so no matter what industry you work in, we can supply a kit for you. We guarantee that all our products are fully compliant with Health & Safety regulations and we deliver to all businesses in Southern California.

A First Aid cabinet is a ‘must have’ in business premises.

A First Aid cabinet is a must-have in any workplace, school or business premises. They contain the items you need to treat injuries and accidents and are very important in the event of an emergency – especially if no one else is around to help.

You might think that these cabinets can be refilled by the staff at your premises, but it’s important for someone with first aid training to safely maintain your kit so that it’s always ready for use. Our service will ensure that there are always sufficient supplies on hand within your cabinet(s) so that everyone has what they need when they need it most.

Put simply, it should contain any items of equipment that could prove vital in an emergency and ideally, it should be close to hand when an incident occurs.

We can provide cabinets and also a refilling service so you will always have the right equipment to hand.

We can provide cabinets and also a refilling service so you will always have the right equipment to hand. The refilling service saves time and money while ensuring that your first aid cabinets are always stocked with up-to-date supplies. 

Our First Aid Cabinets Refill Service is a convenient solution for those who need to replenish their first aid kits or perhaps start one for the first time. Our team will deliver premium products from a wide variety of brands such as Band-Aid; Johnson & Johnson; Curad; Oxford and more.

Our first aid cabinet refilling service saves businesses time and money by allowing you to have the equipment you need on hand at all times.

We make it easy to order first aid supplies. You don’t have to worry about storing the equipment you need and you can place your order online at any time and specify the type of equipment you want, as well as how much of it.

So whether you need Burns kits or just a standard first aid kit we can provide everything you need for your workplace. From antiseptic wipes/gels/sprays to sterile cotton swabs and pads, tweezers, scissors, and other instruments as required by your workplace policy.


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