Get Your Disaster Supplies Ready in Advance of an Emergency

The state of California is, unfortunately, one of the most prone regions in the U.S. to a natural disaster. From wildfires to earthquakes, floods, landslides, tsunamis, and other storms – the state has had its fair share of hazardous conditions.

If you’re looking to keep your southern California business protected in the event of a sudden natural disaster, planning is key. Never wait until the very last minute when getting supplies is scarce or weather makes its way in before you’ve had an opportunity to get ready.

Even if the event causes no major damage, you could still be dealing with things like loss of power and no access to water. In this case, knowing you have a kit readily accessible can make the world of difference.

Here is a disaster supply checklist that helps ensure whatever hazards and emergencies arise, your staff is prepared to take it on.

General Emergency Preparedness

In addition to safety training and procedures put in place when in an emergency, it’s important that general preparedness is done far in advance. Plan for at least 72 hours of essentials, including food, water, personal documentation, and medications. At least 3 gal of water per person, as well as flashlights, extra batteries, a working radio, and some general hygiene items, can be packed away and ready in case of a disaster.

First Aid Supplies

Since injuries are far more prone to happen when disaster response is happening or when a large event causes havoc, it’s important to ensure you also have general supplies prepared. These can help address the wounded until emergency personnel can reach them. Gauze, wraps, bandages, sanitizers and OTC medications are a great place to start.

Here is a short list with some of the items the California Department of Public Health’s recommends you keep in an emergency kit:

  1. Clean, drinkable water (a gallon per day for each person up to 3 days’ worth.)
  2. Non-perishable food (at least 3 days’ worth)
  3. Soap and antibiotic ointment or hand sanitizer to proven infection.
  4. Bandages and dressing
  5. Prescription medications and non-prescription drugs

Leave the fuss of remembering to stock up on first aid supplies for your business behind. With SoCal First Aid we offer a restocking service you can depend on!

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