Forklift Safety Tips

Warehouse workers make up an increasingly large part of the workforce across the country.  Safety at these facilities is closely monitored by OSHA which puts strict guidelines in place to ensure the workers have a safe environment to work in. As one of the industries with the highest rate of fatalities, it’s especially important that business work on safeguards and proper training depending on the specific job functions workers will be preforming as a way to combat possible fatalities and accidents.

One of many pieces of important equipment in the warehouse is the forklift. These industrial moving trucks are used to move pallets, boxes and other materials across distances. Operation of various types of forklifts require proper training and certifications to ensure workplace safety. In addition to OSHA guidelines on forklift safety, the ANSI B56 is of extreme importance.

Here are some important tips to keep in mind when it comes to operating a forklift.

Maintaining Control

One of the most important skills learned during forklift certification is how to maneuver and operate the equipment. Maintaining proper control is key in keeping the workplace safe. Understanding load capacity and gravity are just some of the critical aspects to operation that help drivers to maintain control of the forklift. Pay particular attention when studying this information in your training course.

Use Safe Speeds

It is very easy for a forklift to tip over when high speeds are in use. Be sure to maintain proper speeds for work conditions, including altering speeds based on size and weight and when going  around corners or when a clear view ahead is not possible.

Staying Aware

In addition to maintaining visibility to avoid an accident, as a forklift operator it’s important to pay attention all around the vehicle at all times. Use a spotter and mirrors when needed to aid in safe operation. Backing up the machine can also lead to hitting or crushing someone so pay careful attention when performing this function. Accidents while loading a dock improperly or failure to see another driver stocking shelves at the same time as you bring potential for injury.

Be sure your workplace is safe and productive by offering proper training and protection equipment needed to get the job done. SoCal First Aid® provides Southern California businesses with first aid and safety supplies, as well on-site safety training, disaster preparedness training, OSHA compliance training and more.

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