First Aid Restocking Service: Is It Worth It?

We hear it over and over: there’s nothing more important than safety in the workplace. Employers have a legal and moral obligation to ensure that first aid supplies are readily available in the event of an emergency. To uphold this obligation, safety managers and human resource professionals are often tasked with making sure that these supplies are plentiful and fresh. Sounds easy, right? Sure, if you’re a small office, then monitoring the contents of a small wall kit may be simple; however, if you’re a large factory with hundreds of employees, then the job becomes much more vital and involved. It’s in situations like these that most businesses consider hiring a first aid supply company. Soon enough, the question arises: are these companies worth hiring?

In short, yes, they’re worth it. Before we explain why, let’s first define what a first aid restocking company does.

What Do First Aid Restocking Companies Actually Do?

First Aid restocking companies manage the contents of your business’ first aid kits and cabinets. This means that they visit your facility at least once a month. When they arrive, they’ll take inventory, check for expired items, and create a refill order. The best companies customize the orders around forecast data. As your dedicated first aid rep, the company should get an idea of how much of a particular item you consume; they’ll then build an order that ensures you don’t run out before they visit you again.

The Benefits of Hiring a First Aid Restocking Company

By hiring a first aid supply company, you get

  • Someone Who Knows Your First Aid Needs Inside & Out. If your facility has a habit of using a lot of band-aids, your first aid supply rep will take that into account when he creates your refill order. For situations where you consume specific first aid supplies before your scheduled refill day, you don’t have to scramble: your rep will be happy to pay you an early visit.
  • The Freshest First Aid Supplies. Believe it or not, first aid supplies do expire. Expired bandages, band aids, and antiseptic wipes won’t be much use to you in an emergency situation. Without someone checking these dates regularly, it’s easy to end up with a lot of expired, useless first aid items in your kit and cabinet. To prevent this from happening, first Aid supply companies check expiration dates during every visit.

Ready To Hire a First Aid Restocking Company? Call SoCal First Aid

SoCal First Aid serves the first aid needs of businesses throughout Southern California. Our experienced account managers will ensure that your kits and cabinets are always sufficiently stocked with the freshest first aid supplies. To learn more about our first aid restocking service, call us at 800-480-5855

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