Eye Safety in Workplaces

If you operate a business where your employees are exposed to flying debris, dust, sparks, or anything else that could damage their eyes, you have a duty to provide appropriate protective eyewear. Giving your workers supplies that will keep them safe can keep productivity up and protect your company’s bottom line.

Why Your Business Should Provide Personal Protective Equipment

Providing protective eyewear is the right thing to do to keep your employees safe, and it’s also good for your business. If someone gets injured on the job, that individual may have to take time off to recover and may file a worker’s compensation claim. Either can cost your company money and reduce productivity.

A serious injury or unsafe working conditions can hurt morale among your staff as a whole. You might find employees calling out sick more often or leaving the company to pursue jobs elsewhere.

Even if someone doesn’t get injured, your business can still face financial costs for failing to provide safety glasses or goggles. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) sets guidelines regarding the use of PPE in workplaces. If you don’t adhere to those rules, your company can face a stiff financial penalty.

Figure out What Types of Protective Eyewear Your Employees Need

Consider the conditions and dangers in your workplace. The hazards that your employees are exposed to will dictate the type of protective eyewear that you should provide, as well as when and where workers should be required to use it.

In some cases, it might only be necessary for employees to wear safety glasses or goggles in certain areas or when performing specific tasks. In other businesses, it might make more sense to require anyone who enters a particular area to don protective eyewear.

Your company should have a clearly outlined policy regarding the use of safety glasses or goggles so that employees know what’s required. Signs should be posted to remind workers to wear PPE, and safety policies should be strictly enforced to prevent an accident.

Order Protective Eyewear for Your Employees

UniSheild offers safety glasses and goggles that can protect your workers from a variety of hazards that they might encounter on the job. We also carry other types of personal protective equipment that might be appropriate for your business, including gloves, respirators, and hearing protection, as well as workplace safety signs that can alert employees to dangerous conditions and remind them to wear PPE. Think carefully about the hazards that your employees face, figure out what types of protective equipment they need to stay safe, and place an order today!

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